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Tuesday, June 23, 2015



No. PIII/ PIV/ Gnl/6-2015                                          20-06-2015


The Supdt. Of Posts,
Ottapalam Division


Sub:- Providing working environment in Post Offices-failure on the part of         

It is unfortunate to mention here that the administration has utterly failed in providing the basic needs which are essential to run the offices of our division, smoothly. As everybody knows very well that all the Post Offices in our division are working under the computerised set up and for which the Electric power is a must. Without an uninterrupted power source our systems could not be functioned where the administration failed miserably. In several offices, the UPS provided are faulty either by the fault of the UPS or by the fault of Batteries with the result of untallied sufferings to the public and the staff. In HO where the Savings bank work is manned with the help of Finacle, the situation is extremely poor as the Systems will go off when the regular electric supply is interrupted which is very common now a day. On a close watch, we find that the individual customers attending post office for SB/RD transactions are considerably reduced as they are reluctant to attend Post office because of the System faults. Now the monsoon is set up and the position will become more worse. The public attending office blaming the staff who sitting inside counters, for no faults of them at all. Further it is learnt that during 5-6 months ago, the situation was so worse, at the time of migration to CBS at HO, we hired some batteries from open market and after six months still we have not succeeded replacing them by purchasing new ones. The Department has to incur a huge expenditure on this account as rent. It is surprised that more than lakhs of rupees spent now on this account and still not materialised the efforts to avoid the additional expenditure by acquiring new ones. A department like us, where the expenditure is monitored minutely, how can this be justified?

The position of the Sub Offices is also not better. During power failure, our staff facing mental strain and agony in dealing the public and when power comes starting work till late in the evening to complete the works. It is needless to mention here that more than fifty percentages of staff are ladies having small children and old aged parents in their homes. Sitting late hours in offices and leaving home very early, habitually, creates untold sufferings to the staff, that is only because of the mismanagement of the administration. We are in a hurry to introduce CBS at major Sub Offices in our division without properly addressing any of the major issues of Finacle and the SIFY net works. Even then, ignoring all the short comings, the staff is co-operating all the movements of the Department with top most sincerity, but the administration harassing the staff in the name of Project arrow, non transmission of DET etc, which action generally affects the morale of the staff. If, the door is locked when the Postman visited the house for delivery an article or to make payment of a Money Order, what the Postman will do? On that account the percentage of delivery may reduce. The remark in the article/ MO itself is the explanation of the postman and the need of calling for further explanation is not warranted. But, unfortunately, the administration torturing staff inhumanly, issuing show cause notices and calling for explanations. The disposal of COD articles is another burden shouldered by the staff as its operational functions are not in normal. Sometimes article will come, electronic intimation will not come. Sometimes article will not come intimation will come. The staff in SOs is so, in an embarrassing position.

When openly telling, the staff has a firm opinion that after the conduct of the Award distribution ceremony of SSA and other BD products of our Division held recently, at Cherpalcheri, the  Divisional administration, as a whole, tightened their attitudes towards staff and the official communications are pouring with stiff and stringent language, in our division. The staff management, especially, of Group C is also miserable as the staff position in clerical cadre suddenly diminished due to various reasons like promotions. Pooling sufficient and above staff at Divisional Office is common now a day, which also invites criticism from staff. It is a well known fact that the last year BD achievements, especially in achieving the target on SSA, is only because of the sincere efforts of the GDS who worked hard. Even then, the dealings of the administration are not complementary.

In short, the staff in our division is very much dissatisfied and aggrieved with the functioning of the Divisional administration, as a whole and the appropriate forum of our Unions, after discussions unanimously decided to convey the feelings to the Divisional administration and hence this letter.

At this juncture, we assure that we will be with the Department for the betterment of the functions and at the same time we will not tolerate actions of demoralising the staff, illogically. Hence, we urge upon the Divisional administration to fulfil the shortcomings on war foot level and take due care on staff matters creating a smooth work environment in our division.

We assure our best co-operation, once again.

                                                            Yours faithfully,

        (U.M.Sasindran)                                                                  (M.Aravindakshan)
            Secretary P3                                                                             Secretary P4