Friday, May 24, 2013

DHARNA ON 28-05-2013

As per decision of the 1st AIC of AIPEU GDS (NFPE) MASS DHARNA IN FRONT OF ALL DIVISIONAL OFFICES will be conducted on 28th  MAY 2013 TUESDAY as the first phase of the agitational programme culminating in indefinite strike .


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The Key Published by India Post is final.
                            PART-A (GENERAL KNOWLEDGE)
1. Which of the following articles of Constitution says that the executive power of every state shall be so exercised as not to impede or prejudice the exercise of the executive power of Union?

(A) Article 258           (B) Article 355           (C) Article 356           (D) Article 257

Ans. D

2. The distance between earth and sun is greatest during:

(A) Winter Solstice    (B) Aphelion    (C) Perihelion   (D) Summer Solstice

Ans. B

3. Which company has developed AKASH, the cheapest tablet computer?

(A) IBM                      (B) HCL                      (C) Datawind                        (D) Lenovo

Ans. C

4. Bhopal Gas tragedy is associated with leakage of:

(A) Carbon dioxide                          (B) Methyl ISO cyanate
(C) Sulphur Dioxide                        (D) Nitrogen dioxide

Ans. B

5. Who is the General Secretary of CPI(M)?

(A) Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy                           (B) Basudev Acharia
(C) Prakash Karat                                                     (D) None of these

Ans. C

6. The central Government on 1stJan, 2013 launched the pilot phase of direct cash benefits transfer scheme. Under this scheme the cash will be directly transferred to the intended beneficiaries through.
(A) Permanent Account Number linked Bank Account
(B) Voter I D linked Bank Account
(C) Aadhar-Linked Bank Accounts
(D) Ration Card linked Bank Accounts

Ans. C
7. Identify three leader states in wind energy among the following:

(A) Maharashtra, Odisha, Bihar          (B) Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal
(C) Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh   (D) TamilNadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat

Ans. D

8. Dr Montek Singh Ahluwalia said recently that the term “Bimaru” states should be done away with. Which states was/were termed as Bimaru states?

(A) Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh
(B) Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh
(C) Bihar, Uttar Pradesh      (D) Bihar

Ans. B

9. Who was recently elected as vice President of Indian National Congress?

(A) Kapil Sibal          (B) Manmohan Singh (C) P.Chidambaram (D) Rahul Gandhi

Ans. D

10. Recently consensus on GST has been arrived by centre and states. What does GST mean?

(A) Gross Sales Tax  (B) Graded Sales Tax  (C) Global Sales Tax   (D) Goods and service Tax

Ans. D

11. The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks to ensure withdrawal of Non-CTS 2010 standard cheques with CTS standard-2010 cheques by:

(A) 30th April, 2013   (B) 31st December, 2013   (C) 31st March, 2013 (D) None of these

Ans. D

12. How many gold medals were won by India at Copa-Brasil-2012 Tournament of wrestling?

(A) Eight        (B) Nine                     (C) Seven                   (D) Six

Ans. B

13. Who was named AIFF (All India football federation) player of the year 2012?
A) Gouramangi Singh (B) Sunil Chhetri  (C) Syed Rahim Nabi  (D) Subrata Paul

Ans. C

14. India on Oct-4, 2012 successfully test fired nuclear capable Prithvi-II ballistic missile from a test range at Balasore. This was a:

(A) Air to Air Missile                                   (B) Surface to Air Missile
(C) Surface to Surface Missile                    (D) Air to Surface Missile

Ans. C

15. The National Development Council has approved recently the 12th five year plan and set an annual average growth target of:
A) 10%          (B) 11%                       (C) 8.2%                      (D) 9%

Ans. C

16. Who was world biggest exporter of rice in 2012 as per the latest report by Food & Agriculture organization?

(A) China                   (B) Pakistan               (C) Thailand         (D) India

Ans. D

17. The government of India has given ……………..”languages of the 8th Schedule” the status of official language.

(A) 23              (B) 26              (C) 24              (D) 22

Ans. D

18. Who is credited with the discovery of Electron?

(A) James Chadwick   (B) Rutherford  (C) E. Goldstein   (D) J.J. Thompson

Ans. D

19. During the time of which Mughal emperor did the English East India Company establish its first factory in India?

(A) Shahjahan      (B) Aurangazeb      (C) Akbar   (D) Jahangir

Ans. D

20. The first temporary president of Constituent Assembly was:

(A) Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar                      (B) Sardar Vallabhai Patel
(C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad                              (D) Dr. Sachidanand Sinha

Ans. D

21. Which among the following was the major demand of the Bardoli Satyagraha (1928) organized under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhai Patel?

(A) Rollback of newly enhanced revenue rate
(B) Supply of Agricultural Inputs to farmers at subsidized rate
(C) Land to the tiller            (D) Increase of rates of labour wage

Ans. A

22. Find the incorrect statement:

(A) Full moon occurs when the moon comes between the Earth and Sun
(B) The difference in minutes between the Greenwhich time and the local time at a place can be derived by multiplying the longitude of place by four
(C) Spring Tide is caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun together in the same direction
(D) A line on a map that joins all places of the same height above sea level is called contour line

Ans. A

Q23. The refractive indices of Kerosine, Turpentine and water are 1.44, 1.47 and 1.33 respectively. Light will have maximum speed in:

(A) Water   (B) Speed remains same for all   (C) Kerosine   (D) Turpentine

Ans. A

24. Which of the following gases are given out during photosynthesis?

(A) Nitrogen    (B) Hydrogen    (C) Oxygen    (D) Carbon dioxide

Ans. C

25. What is the script of Ashoka’s inscriptions?

(A) Gurumukhi   (B) Hieroglyphics   (C) Dev Nagri    (D) Brahmi

Ans. D
                                         PART-B (MATHEMATICS)

26. If the digits of two digit number are interchanged, the newly formed number is more than the original number by 18. If the sum of digits is 8, then what was the original number?

A. 26               B.17                 C.35                D. None of these

Ans: C

27. One year ago a mother was 4 times older then her son. After 6 years, her age becomes more than double her sons age by 5 years. The present ratio of their age will be

A. 17:2                        B.25:7              C. 29:6                        D. None of these

Ans: B

28. If m:n = 2:3, what is the value of 3m+5n /6m-n

 A. 5/3                        B.7/3              C. 3/7             D. None of these

Ans: B

29. A triple successive discount of 20%, 10%, 5% is equal to a single discount of

A. 31.60 %                  B. 25.7%                     C.40%             D. 35%

Ans: A

30. Three items are purchased at Rs 380.One of them is sold at a loss of 10%. The others are sold so as togain 25% on the whole transactions? What is the gain % on these two items?

A. 42.5%                     B. 40.5%                     C. 44.5%                     D. None of these

Ans: A

31. The size of a bag that could hold 6 kg of oranges has now been increased so that it can hold 8 kg. What is the percentage increase in size?

A. 91/3 %                  B. 100/3 %                 c. 20%                         D.25%

Ans: B

32. If w/x=6/11, y/z=16/23 and y/x=/16 then what is the value of x/y

A. 13/16                     B. 11/16                     C.6/16            D. None of these


33. What approximate value comes in the place of question mark in the following question
Square root of 727.9995 + (5.1961)x (5.1961)=   ? + 2/10.7960

A. 8                             B. 10                C.53                D. None of these
Ans: C

34. Mid points of the side of an equilateral triangle of side 18 cm are joined to form another triangle whose mid points are further joined to form different triangle and this process is repeated indefinitely. The sum of perimeters of all triangles will be

A. 144 cm                   B. 172cm                    C.72Cm          D. 108 cm

Ans: D

35. A sum of Rs 8500/- is to be divided among 5 men, 6 women and 8 boys in the ratio of 10:7:1. The share of one woman will be

A. Rs 595                    B. Rs 850                    C. Rs 85          D. None of these

Ans:  C

36. Ram and Shyam work in the same factory. Ram can produce 45 articles in one hour and Shyam can produce 40 articles in one hour. During one week Shyam worked for 5 more hours than Ram but produced the same number of articles as ram. How many hours did Ram work that week

A. 50                           B. 43                C. 45               D. 40

Ans: C

37. Square root of 441/63 X Square root of 81/3 = ?

A. 3/4                         B. 21/4                       C.1                  D. 25/6

Ans: C

38. Which one of the following number has got highest value?

A. 127/25                   B.121/9                      C.53/4            D. 25/6

Ans: B

39. The average score of Sachin Tendulkar in IPL 15 Matches is 70 Runs and the average score in Border Gavaskar Trophy T-20 Matches is 45 runs in 7 Matches. If he has played 10 more International T-20 matches and his overall average score in all T-20 matches was 73 runs. What was his total Score in 10 International T-20 matches

A. 990             B. 971              C. 982                         D None of these

Ans: B

40. Number of diagonals in a 30 sided convex polygon

A.818              B.378               C.405              D.955

Ans: C

41. Two cars start from place A &B , 100 km apart, towards each other. Both cars start simultaneously. A bird sitting on one car start at the same time towards the other car, and as soon as it reaches the second car, it flies back to the first car and it continues in this manner fling backwards and forwards from one car to other, until the cars meet. Both cars travel at a speed on 50 km/h and the bird’s flies at 100 km/h. total distance covered by the bird will be

A. 100 Km                  B.200Km                    C.50Km                      D. None of these

Ans: C

42. Two trains leave stations p and q 110 km apart train from p and q travels at 25 km/hr and train from q to p at 30 km/hr if they both start at 8 AM they meet at a

A. 09.00 AM              B 09.45 AM    C.10.40 AM    D. None of these

Ans: D

43. A sphere of radius x is melted and its volume is divided into two equal parts. One part is cast into a cylinder of height 10cm and second a cone of the same height. The ratio of the cylinder radius to the cone radius is

A. 1:3                          B. Square root 3 :2    C. 1 : Square root 3   D. None of these

Ans: C

44. A man buys milk at a certain price per kg. and after mixing it with water  sells it again at the same price. How many grams of water he mixes in every kg of milk if he makes of profit 25%

A. 150 grms               B. 30 grmas                C.250 grams      D.200 grams

Ans: D

45. A sum of Rs 8000 generates Rs 1261 as compound interest in 3 Years interest being compound annually. The rate of compound interest is 
A .20 %           B. 2.5 %                      C. 10 %                       D. 5 %

Ans: D

46. By how much is two by thirds of 96 less than three fifths of 210

A.114              B.62                             C.206              D. None of these

Ans: B

47. The square root of 6760000 is

A. 260             B. 2600                        C. 1/26       D. 26

Ans: B

48. The average temperature of three days is 24 o c .if temperature on the first two days is 20 o c and 25 o c respectively then the temperature on the third day

A 22 ½                        B. 23                C. 27               D. 24

Ans: C

49. A five year cash certificate with a maturity value of Rs 300 is purchased for Rs 200. The annual rate of interest is

A. 10%                        B.15%             C.5%               D.15/2%

Ans :A

50. You bought some apples. On the first day you ate one and ¼ of the remainder. On the second day you ate 2 and ¼ of the remainder. On the third day you ate the entire remaining balance of 3. How many apples did you buy?

A. 13               B.19                             C.9                  D. none of theses

Ans: D
                              PART-C (ENGLISH)

 Directions: (51 to 57) Choose the correct option

51. The tree lost its leaves.

A. Their                      B. Our                        c. They                       D. Its


52. The snake crawled ____ the rock

A. Under                    B. At               C. With                       D.After


53. Can you ____a picture?

A. Fry                         B. Stay                                    C. Ride    D. Draw

Ans: D

54. My mother _____us to School in our car

A. Walks                    B. Gos             C. Rides          D. Drives

Ans: D

55. Tom is awake but Jack is still _____

A. Eating                    B. Reading     C. Asleep.      D. Crying

Ans: C

56. The Kangaroos ____ over the fence.

A. Crawled                B. Hopped                 C.Swam                      D.Licked

Ans: B

57. Yesterday our team _____ the team of Ranjus school.

A. is defeating          B. will defeat             C. was defeated                    D.defeated


Directions: (58 to 60) Fill in the blanks with correct Prepositions

58. The thief entered the room _____ the window.

A. Through                B. With                       C. From                      D.By

Ans: A

59. My car does 40 kms ___a litre.

A. For                         B.Of                C. In                D To

Ans: D       

60. _____ cooking he also likes to write poetry in his free time.

A. Except                   B. While                     C. Beside                   D. Besides

Ans: D       

Directions: (61 to 62) Give one word for the underlined phrase

61. My bed room is warm and comfortable.

A.  Cosy                     B. Beautiful               C. Neat           D.Untidy

Ans: A

62. Diana spoke in a quiet voice to her friend

A. Jumped                 B. Called                    C. Yelled        D. Whispered

Ans: D

63. Choose the correct Passive voice of the Senetence

There is no house to let

A. There is no house which could be let    B. There is no house for letting out
C. There is no house to be let                       D. No house is there to let

Ans: C
Directions: (64 to 65) choose the correct articles

64. I bought ____ uniform for my daughter yesterday

A. An                          B. of                C. the              D A

Ans: D

65. _____ might have the upper hand
Will the Minister of COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY be pleased to state:-
(a) whether the Government has abolished 17093 posts across the cadres in the department of posts during the period from 2005 to 2008; 
(b) if so, the details thereof and the reasons therefor; 
(c) whether there is a shortage of staff in various cadre in the department and in the post offices in the country; 
(d) if so, the details thereof, State-wise; and 
(e) the steps proposed to be taken to fill the vacant posts expeditiously, so as to ensure prompt and quality service to customers?



(a) Yes, Madam.

(b) The details of abolition of posts are placed at Annexure-I. The reasons for abolition of posts were in accordance with Department of Personnel & Training OM No. 2/8/2001-PIC dated 16.5.2001 vide which the Scheme of Optimization for Annual Direct Recruitment Plan was launched. As per this Scheme, the direct recruitment was to be limited to 1/3rd of the direct recruitment vacancies arising in a year subject to a further ceiling that it does not exceed 1% of the total sanctioned strength of the Department. The remaining direct recruitment posts were required to be abolished. 
(c) Manpower requirement and regular recruitment is an ongoing process in the Government. Shortage of staff in the Department and in the Post offices in various cadres arises mainly due to promotion, retirement, death, leave or transfer. 
(d) Does not arise in view of (c) above..
(e) Vacancies in the Department are filled up by promotion or by direct recruitment as per extant procedures regularly.
Abolition of posts across various cadres in the Department of Posts during 2005-2008.

No. of direct recruitment vacancies abolished