Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today's Special:
Postman Exam: Training Class on 01-08-2010.
Coaching Class to all applicants of next Postman Exam will be held at Ottapalam HPO premises on 01-08-2010 (Sunday) from 0930 hrs. All applicants are requested to attend the coaching class without fail.

The Department of Post has now clarified that reduction of staff earlier implemented as matching savings for implementation of TBOP/BCR promotions stands withdrawn from 01.09.2008. (Copy of letter No. 25-5/2010-PE.I dated 19.07.2010 of Department of Posts)
10% D.A FROM 01.07.2010

All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 value has been released by Labour Bureau. The value of the index stands at 174 level. As such, the Dearness Allowance for Central Government Employees will be raised 10% and total of 45% (35% + 10%). All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of June, 2010 has been increased by 2 points and stood at 174 (one hundred and seventy four).

Posted By: Abdul Rahiman T.P, Secretary, PIII.

Friday, July 30, 2010


New Delhi: A new regulator on the cards for India Post and private courier firms would fix the tariffs for their services. The government has comprehensively re-drafted an earlier Bill on postal regulation with a view to bringing the entire communication industry under a regulatory regime similar to the one for the telecom sector.

As per the re-drafted Bill —the Post Office and Courier Services Bill, 2010—which was reviewed by FE, the courier firms would need to register themselves with the regulator—Postal Regulatory Authority of India (PRAI)— and adhere to a set of guidelines for quality of services framed by it. The firms will also have to contribute to a Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) to enable delivery of postal services to financially unviable areas at affordable rates.

However, the government has dropped the controversial provision in the original (2006) draft of the Bill which sought to bar private courier firms from carrying packets weighing below 500 gm. Also, in a departure from the original draft, which specified the fee structure for the players, the new Bill has left such matters for the regulator to decide.

The size of the Indian courier industry is over Rs 4,000 crore with major players being DHL, FedEx India and DTDC.

As per the latest proposal, PRAI will have functions similar to that of telecom regulator TRAI. It can suo motto recommend to the government policy measures on the entire gamut of the postal sector. On its part, the government can seek its recommendations on issues of importance.

Once PRAI is constituted, all existing courier firms would have to register themselves with it for a 10-year period on payment of a fee. The registration, of course, can be renewed once it expires.

The regulator would set eligibility criteria for those wanting to enter the sector in the new regulated regime. It would have powers to recommend to the government revocation of licences of any firm which fails to meet the criteria set out by it.

The government (read the department of post and a reinforced Postal Board) would retain the powers to make policies and provide licences.

A Postal Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal would be set up to arbitrate on disputes between the industry and the regulator, the regulator and the government, industry and the government; and between industry players.

Financial Express 26.07.2010
Small Savings Interest may reduce - Government considereing to link with prevailing market rate.
The government is considering to deregulate interest rates on small savings schemes like public provident fund (PPF) and post office deposits, linking them to the prevailing interest rates in the markets.

The move will reduce returns on such schemes. At present, the interest rates on small savings schemes are fixed by the government, which are normally higher than the prevailing interest rates in the market. For example, the interest rate on PPF is 8%, which is tax-free, while that on the other similar instruments like bank deposits are lower.

The post-tax return on bank deposits is around 5.5% for those who fall in the highest tax bracket of 30%.

Towards this end, the government has set up a committee under the Reserve Bank of India deputy governor Shyamla Gopinath — to suggest the ways and means — for deregulating interest rates on small savings schemes. Small savings schemes mobilise huge amount of funds as they offer higher interest rates.

According to the Budget estimate, in 2010-11, these schemes may fetch Rs 50,300 crore, taking the total mobilisation to Rs 7,57,000 crore.

Funds mobilised under small savings schemes are disbursed to the central and state governments as debt. As the cost of the small savings funds are high, state governments pay higher interest rates (9.5%-10%) on the loans taken from these schemes compared to other sources in the market.

The 13th Finance Commission headed by former finance secretary Vijay Kelkar had suggested to bring down the interest rates on outstanding loans to 9% by the end of 2009-10.

But for this, the interest rates on small savings should also be brought down.

At the same time, according to the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act, states cannot borrow from open market beyond 4% of their fiscal deficits. Therefore, states are not able to benefit from prevailing lower interest rates in the market and take higher-interest loans from small savings.

The committee will also examine the new investment opportunities for the funds mobilized under small savings schemes. At present, the funds could be invested only in the central and state governments special securities. Committee will also review the administrative arrangement including the cost of operation.

Posted By: Abdul Rahiman T.P, Secretary, PIII.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Secretary Department of Posts issued orders to all CPMGs to take immediate action to fill up all the Direct Recruitment Vacancies of PA/SA for the years 2009 and 2010 (including the anticipated vacancies up to 31-12-2010). Select list should be published before16-12-2010.

This is one of our Major Demand in the proposed July-10 strike.
Copy of the orders issued is given below:

Thursday, July 22, 2010


GDS Pension Proposal (Annuity Scheme recommended by Natarajamurthy Committee)

cleared by Finance Ministry. It will take some more time to get permission from PFRDA. After that option will be called for from all GDS whether willing to remain in the Severance Amount Scheme or the NEW ANNUITY SCHEME. It is likely t o be implemented from 01-01-2011. NFPE is making all out efforts to get the Scheme implemented soon.

Posted by: Abdul Rahiman T.P, Secretary ,PIII.

Monday, July 19, 2010



The Court has further directed the Department to fill up all vacancies up to 2009, including abolished posts from 2002 to 2009 and allowed time up to 20th August 2010 to complete the process. According to this we have given a letter as given below to the SPOs, Ottapalam Division with a request to fill up all the remaining vacancies up to 2009, early. The letter is reproduced below:


EDU/Court/2010 17-07-2010


The Superintendent of Post Offices,

Ottapalam Division,


Sub:- Filling up of vacant Group D posts of Ottapalam Division in the light of

Court Orders dated 16-04-2010-reg


Ref:. This Union letter No. EDU/Court/2010 Dated: 01-07-2010

Kindly refer to the letter cited above,in which the details of Group D post occurred vacant during the years from 2002 to 2009, were intimated. In that letter we had clearly mentioned that there are 13 (Thirteen) clear vacancies of Group D in our Division for the period from 2002 to 2009.Directions of the Hon’ble CAT and the Hon’ble High Court is that the abolition of Group D post under the pretext of screening is irregular and all the posts (including abolished posts) should be filled up. But in our Division, it is learnt that only 7 (Seven) vacancies are filled up against 13 actual number of vacancies, vide SP, Ottapalam Memo No. B2/4/Gr.D/Rectt dt 16-07-2010. This is against the directions and spirit of Court orders. It is requested to fill up the above remaining 6 (six) vacancies also without any further delay.

Immediate action in the matter is requested.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

M.C.Velayudhan M. Aravindakshan Abdul Rahiman T.P

Secretary GDS Secretary PIV Secretary PIII

Posted By : Abdul Rahiman T.P, Secretary, PIII.

Today's News:
1): Mckinsy & CO Meeting : As promised in the strike agreement , on 15-07-2010 Mckinsy & CO arranged a Meeting . The Secretary Posts chaired the Meeting Sri Reshikesh Director(MM) made a power point presentation about the future plan of Dept on Mail network processing . Federations and RMS & MMS Unions registered its protest over the appointment of Mckinsy as consultant for this project. According to the presentation there is nothing new expect some colorful words here and there. However Unions appreciated the Secretary Posts for taking Interest in the core business.

2): LTC 80 Scheme – Clarification on Air ticket charges paid on the date of booking

F.No. 19046/1/2008-E.IV

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Expenditure

E-IV Branch

New Delhi, the 15thJuly, 2010


Subject: Clarification regarding re-imbursement of LTC-80 fare.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's OM No.7(1)/E.Coord/2008 dated 4-12-2008 wherein Air India's LTC 80 scheme was introduced from 1st December, 2008, for LTC travelers entitled to travel by Air. A number of references from different Government Departments/offices have been received in this Ministry seeking clarification whether the prevailing fare on the date of booking of LTC 80 tickets is to be reimbursed or claim is to be restricted to Air India's LTC 80 fare as on 1 December, 2008.

2. The matter has been considered in this Ministry and it is clarified that the fare paid on the date of booking of ticket under LTC 80 scheme of Air India may be reimbursed.

(Karan Singh)

Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

3) : Ex-gratia lump sum compensation ceiling is removed to the families of deceased Central Government Employees

There is no ceiling for grant of ex-gratia lump sum compensation to the families of deceased Central Government Employees. The restriction of ceiling for the compensation of Rs.20 lakhs (each individual) is removed.

No.45/7/2008-P&PW (F)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare
3rd, Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,

Khan Market, New Delhi-II0 003

Dated the 12thJuly, 2010


Subject: Implementation of the Government's decision on the recommendation of the Sixth CPC-Revision of provisions regulating special benefits in the cases of Death and Disability in service - payment of ex-gratia lump sum compensation to families of central Govt.employees - modification - regarding -
The undersigned is directed to say that in this Department's Office Memorandum of even number dated 16thMarch, 2009, it was provided that ex-gratia lump sum compensation to the families of deceased Government servants including from sundry Government sources, such as the Prime Minister's Relief Fund, Chief Minister's Relief Fund, etc. should not exceed the aggregate of Rs. 20 lakhs in each individual case. Para 12 of Annexe to this Department's
OM 45/55/97-P&PW(C) dated 11thSeptember, 1998 was modified to that extent.

2. The matter has been further reviewed and it has now been decided that there will be no ceiling for grant of ex-gratia lump sum compensation in terms of Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare's
OM No. OM 45/55/97-P&PW(C) dated 11thSeptember, 1998 read with OM NO.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 2nd September, 2008and OM No.45/7/2008-P&PW (F) dated 16th March, 2009.
3. The above revised provision will be effective from 1.1.2006.
4. All other terms and conditions in the O.M. dated 11th September, 1998 shall remain unchanged.5. This issues with the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure U.O. No. 361/EV/2010 dated 4thJune, 20106. In so far as persons serving in the Indian Audit & Accounts Department, these orders issue after consultation with the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.

(Tripti P Ghosh)Director(PP)


Saturday, July 17, 2010

In the light of court direction the administration has made the following Group D postings with senior GDS, in our Division today.




Posted as



P A Bhaskaran


Group D Ottapalam HO


K Unnikrishnan

GDS MD Akalur

Group D Ottapalam HO




P/T sweeper Kannur

Group D Ottapalam HO

Senior P/T sweeper vacancy


K Pariyani

GDS MD Kanjirapuzha

Group D Pattambi




GDS MD Peringod

Group D Kumaranellur




GDS MD Munnurkode

Group D Cherpelessery



GDS MD Mattathukad

Group D Mannarkad

ST vacancy

Congratulations to all.......

Divisional Secretaries

Posted by Abdul rahiman T P , Secretary P III

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

As part of 50th anniversary of 1960 July 12th strike a commemorative meeting was held at Ottapalam HPO premises. Commerade K C Sadasivan(retired SPM Peringode), Com T Ramachandran (retired Postmaster- 1st Meghadhood award winner) were honored. Com A C Madhusudhanan Divisional president presided over the function. Com U M Sasindran LCC Convener welcomed the gathering. . Photos of the function are above.

Monday, July 12, 2010



Sl. No.




Mckinsey Report

Another Round of Discussion with Unions will be held on 15-07-2010.


Closure of Post Offices

No Closure of Post Offices


RMS closure

No violation of RMS agreement (10000 articles will stand)


JCM Meeting

JCM Meeting in August-10 fixed


Recruitment Rules

Will be finalized within a week


Filling up of vacancies

Vacancies up to 2009 will be filled up shortly


Cadre re-structuring

Will be done before December-10


Project Arrow

Instructions will be issued to avoid harassment. Separate meeting with PIV Union will be held.


GDS Pension and Medical Scheme

Postal Board approval sent to Finance. Will get the approval of the Govt.


Casual Laborers revised wages

DOPT approved. Approval sent to Finance. Will get the clearance shortly


MMS Driver parity

DPS issue will be discussed further


SA Cadre

Will consider with Cadre re-structuring


PLI/RPLI Centralisation



MACP Benchmark

Will be relaxed

More Details are below:

Proposed indefinite strike from 13.07.2010 deferred

The Secretary, Posts had taken a meeting with staff side on 12.07.2010 to discuss the charter of demands at 11 am and the following are the outcome on the charter of demands.

1. There will be no closure of single handed post offices.

2. The demand of the staff side that the annual increments to the erstwhile GDS SPMs should be continued will be considered positively.

3. There is no policy decision of the department to outsource any of the postal services.

4. A separate meeting will be held on 15.07.2010 to discuss about the Mckinsey and the object of restructuring the services.

5. Another separate meeting with the staff side will be held about the technology proposals shortly to discuss the future expansion of technology.

6. There will be no violation of earlier agreement on status quo of RMS & MMS with 10000 mails. Any violation if brought to the Directorate’s notice it will be set aside.

7. The Departmental council & periodical meetings will be held regularly hereafter. Next meeting will be held in next month August 2010.

8. The demand of higher pay to TBOP &BCR for the earlier period will be considered along with the cadre review proposals.

9. There will be no harassment in Project Arrow offices. Furnishing wrong data’s and showing as delivered or redirected will not be allowed hereafter.

10. The demand of the staff side to assess the vacancies as per establishment strength and actual strength in all cadres will be considered and all Chief PMGs will be addressed and appraised to fill up all the vacant posts forthwith during video conferences personally by the Secretary (P).

11. A committee consisting four staff side representatives with DDG(P) & DDG (Est) will be constituted and the process of the proposals of cadre review for all cadres will be completed before the end of 2010.

12. Separate discussions will be made on the proposal of creation of Postmasters cadre also.

13. The welfare schemes to GDS like grant of pension, medical, the proposals were already cleared by the Postal Board and submitted to nodal ministries for approval. It will be expedited.

14. It was assured to reconsider the norms for cash handling to BPMs and also fix fresh norms to RPLI and NREGIS scheme shortly.

15. The proposal for higher pay to Driver with Grade pay of 2400 has been sent to the Ministry of Finance.

16. The revision of O.S.A rates will be made within one month.

17. Technology training to workshop staff will be provided.

18. The proposals for the grant of minimum pay as per the Sixth CPC to casual labourers have been submitted to Ministry of Finance for approval. It will be expedited. The demand of the staff side to grant revised GDS pay to GDS substitutes will be considered.

19. The issues related to postmen norms, delivery, beat etc will be discussed shortly and final decision will be taken before the end of October 2010. One committee will be constituted to sort out the issues.

20. The plea of the staff side to ignore benchmark for MACP has been accepted and the Secretary told the DDG to cause orders today itself. Another request to ignore the earlier declining of LSG promotions prior to the receipt of MACP orders will also be considered.

21. The proposal of the staff side to create System assistant instead of System administrator will be considered along with the cadre review proposals. The orders relating to road mileage allowance will be released shortly. The distribution of work & responsibility etc will be looked into along with the cadre review proposals.

22. The Recruitment Rules for Multi tasked staff will be finalized shortly. Our request to finalise the rules with no educational qualifications as if available to erstwhile Group D has been accepted.

23 The issues relating to Postal accounts like filling up of posts, amalgamation of Group C etc will be discussed further with DDG (PAF).

24. The suggestions of the Admin union about centralization of PLI claim at RO & CO will be considered. Further a separate meeting will be organized with their union to discuss about their issues.

25. Clarificatory orders will be issued soon providing officiating pay to the officials holding higher posts like HSG II & HSG I.

26. The issues of the postal Civil wing will be discussed separately.

After the meeting, the JCA met and decided to defer the proposed strike duly considering the positive approach of the Secretary in settlement of our genuine demands.

Posted By: Abdul Rahiman T.P, Secretary,PIII.

PROPOSED INDEFINITE STRIKE FROM JULY 13th DEFERRED. Details will be available in the evening only.
All are requested to attend duty tomorrow as usual.
Divisional Secretaries, Ottapalam.
Posted By: Abdul rahiman T.P, Secretary, PIII.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Comrade K.Ragavendran Ex-Secretary General Felicitated in Chennai


Divisional News:

1) MACP Orders will be issued shortly.
2) Posters of July 13th Strike,for exhibiting in front of offices sent to day. All are requested to exhibit the same prominently in their office.
3) Notice inviting all for the function to be held on 12-07-10 at OTTAPALAM HPO premises to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of 1960 Strike despatched today. Ensure maximum participation and make the program success.

Posted By : Abdul Rahiman T.P, Secretary.PIII.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Govt servants can revise their initial option for Pay fixation up to 31/12/2010 under CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008- Orders from Finance Ministry

Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure Vide its Memo No.7/14/2010-E.III (A) dated 05/07/2010 provided the CG employees to Change their initial fixation option up to 31/12/2010, in case if the option is more beneficial to them.


Grant of Family Pension to the dependent family members of Govt. Servant/Pensioner reported missing

Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare issued fresh guide lines in supersession of their OM No.1/28/04-P&PW(E) dated 31/03/2009 regarding Grant of family pension to the dependent family members of a Government Servant/Pensioner reported missing vide Memo No.1/28/04-P&PW (E) dated 02/07/2010.


Regulation of the date of next increment in case of EXOL (without MC) in the light of CCS (RP) Rules-2008-Clarification issued by DOPT

DOPT, vide its Memo No.16/2/2009-Estt. (Pay I) dated 02/07/2010 has clarified that except as provided under the conditions laid down in this Department's OM dated 18.2.1986, qualifying service of less than six months on account of EOL (without medical certificate) between 1st July of the previous year till 30th June of the year under consideration shall have the effect of postponing the increment to Ist July of the next year. The same stipulation will also be applicable to those cases where the increment became due on 1.7.2006









Dear Comrade /Colleges,

We are in receipt of encouraging reports from various Circles/Division about the mobilization by gross root level workers for the total participation of indefinite strike from 13.07.2010 as per the JCA call.

The issues put forth in the charter of demands are basic and uncompromised ones. The total unilateralism and neglecting the staff Unions even in the decision relating to staff matters is causing serious concern. The silence over the consideration of cadre restructuring causes resentment amidst the employees in the back ground of considering such proposals in Railways and other departments. The employees equated to multitask staff in postal drawing the grade pay of Rs. 1900/- are elevated to the Grade pay of Rs.4600/-. 27% employees are benefited due to this cadre restructuring in Railways. But in case of Postal, the officials with the entry Grade pay of Rs.2400/- could not get even Rs.4600/- in case of promotes in 3rd MACP. No tangible action or discussion has taken place so far to consider the cadre review proposals submitted by the staff side 20 months before.

Due to irregular and wrong assessment of vacancies in almost all the cadres and in particular to Group- C more than 30, 40 % shortage is prevailing. The residual vacancies have not been filled up. The vacancies pertaining to the year 2009 onwards have also not been filled up. The candidates recruited for the vacancies pertaining to 2006-2007-2008 are not being deputed to training centre aggravating the shortage of staff to the extent of last straw on the camel’s back.

The department’s move by engaging Mc kensy consultancy is nothing but to the close down as many as sorting offices which will lead to total closure of RMS in future. The down gradation of EDSOs, closure of ‘C’ Class offices are nothing but anti employee, anti people policies adopted by the department.

Under the aegis of Project Arrow all the staff are extracted to work against the rules and detained beyond working hours without any extra compensation. The delivery staffs are being tortured on flimsy reasons there are being charge sheeted suspended and even punished.

The injustice caused to GDS employees on the quantum of bonus ceiling has been legalized by the department even though it has been struck down by many CATs. The unscientific reduction of norms particularly in cash handling has not been reversed despite our strong resistance. No action is initiated to frame norms to the GDS for the work related to NREGS, PLI, RPLI, Pension payments etc. The social security scheme to the GDS and medical insurance as recommended by GDS committee has not been implemented so for.

The drivers working in MMS are being exploited since from 4th Pay Commission. The demand for granting grade Pay of Rs.4200/- for MMS drivers on par with drivers of parliament secretariat based on the extraordinary responsibilities they are having apart from driving the vehicles have not given due considerations.

The services of the existing System Administrators over 10 years in making the department a full fledged computerized environment has not been recognized so for. The demand of creation of System Administrator cadre with higher pay scale and consideration of the existing System Administrators in token of recognition of their services and other issues related to this cadre are kept under cold storage and now they are becoming the most exploited cadre in the department.

The candidates selected by the Circle relaxation committee for appointment under the relaxation of recruitment rules are being tossed from pillar to posts over 15 years for their regular absorption. The inhuman approach in filing SLP in the Supreme Court instead of considering them for their regularization in the vacant posts is causing concern.

The vacant posts of Group ‘D’s have not been filled up due to non finalization of Recruitment rules and many of the senior GDS are losing their fair chances. The temporary status Group ‘D’s are neither observed in regular Group ‘D’ vacancies nor considered for any further promotions. The issue of amalgamation of Group ‘C’ in the accounts cadre of DOP and DOT has also not been considered.

Even though in all the departments in Government Service are causing various clarificatory orders about the application of bench mark particularly the average denial of regular promotion prior to introduction of MACP etc it is silent in our department and even the normal MACP promotion orders have not been issued in many Circles. The officials working in higher posts are denied the due officiating pay even though they have been granted 1622 HSG posts by surrendering 680 Postal Assistants. The OTA rates have not been revised over two decades and this is nothing but exploitation of labour. The demand of roll back of decentralization of PLI, RPLI, and augmentation adequate staff in CO, RO and DPLI are still unconsidered. Many of the PAs from Divisions are deputed to RO/CO to manage the work load keeping the divisions under unbearable shortage of staff.

In fact the department is mute spectator in respect of staff welfare activities, settlement of staff grievances and failed to mitigate the sufferings and sorrows of the grass root level workers who are the pillars of this organization. We have no alternative except to launch this indefinite strike as there is total silence in the negotiation forms and unilaterisation in implementing its own decisions and running amuck.

Comrades/Colleagues the clarion call as given by Postal JCA till this date, no negotiation has taken place no settlement of issues seems on the floor. We cannot be the silent spectators and we should resist the onslaughts unleashed against the postal workers by the Government.

Let us prepare ourselves for a massive break down from 13.07.2010 which alone could realize the Government to come forward and settle the genuine demands of the Postal workers. Please organize gate meetings. Meet each and every member. Propagate the crux of the demands and its justification. Organize all comrades and let us make the 13th July indefinite strike a historic success.

With Fraternal greetings



Secretary General NFPE S

ecretary General FNPO


60% GDS Arrears released : Acquittance Rolls in respect of 60% Arrears due to the GDS have been released to day.

Posted By: Abdul Rahiman T.P, Secretary,PIII.