Saturday, January 12, 2013


                              No. P-III/ Gnl/ 2013-01                                                               07-01-2013


The Superintendent of Posts,
Ottapalam Division,

Sub:- Maintenance of form Pa-17 Part 1 & II (SO Account ) in manual form

It is noticed that the Divisional Administration has issued instructions to prepare Pa-17 form (Part 1&2) manually citing a letter No. DDG (Tech).Misc dated 20-11-2012, received from Directorate, vide No. RC1/Rlgs dated 20-12-2012 addressed to all Departmental Offices.

At the out set, this Union wishes to intimate that maintaining Pa-17 is merely unwarranted and irrelevant in the present set up, even in the inspection point of view, for the following reasons:

1)      In the present set up , as all the SOs are completely computerized, any information required will be available in the soft ware, back up  copies, and from the hard copies of reports.
2)      Before computerization, office copy of daily account was not prepared and kept on record and therefore copy of account was necessary to view and inspect the day’s transactions. Now office copy of daily account is being maintained and available on record in the shape of hard copy. The same can be available in the system also. Any inspecting officers can verify accounts easily than previously.
3)      Using the Treasury module there is provision to prepare “Sub Office Monthly Account “ which reflects all transactions of the month and is as good as Pa-17 form.

Hence, considering the above facts, it is requested the Divisional administration not to insist maintaining of Pa-17 Part 1&II manually hereafter, as our all Departmental Sub Offices are fully computerized.

An early action in the matter is solicited.

                                                                                                       Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                   (Abdul Rahiman T.P)

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