Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The Suffering still continues.....

       Software Giant company INFOSYS which has developed and supplied the financial software FINACLE to wide range of customers in the country and also abroad. 

      The Department of Posts has also purchased the same for its CBS operations.

     The software is struggling very hard to occupy the operational datas of the Post Office savings bank..

     Frequent connectivity issues ,report generation issues, menu issues are being faced at post offices atleast once or twice in a month..

    Total disconnections from server being witnessed for days together.....

    Messages are being sent to Post offices on the issues and related action taken on the issues by the CPCs and Administration........


1. No directions to post offices are issued from the Administration on the issues relating to total disconnection of software..

2. Business Package plan are being advised to Post offices to tackle the situations wherein only deposits can be accepted for savings and recurring accounts.

3. The District Level as well as zonal level administrations are not able to answer to the situations addressed to them from post offices..

4. The lower level post office officials are found beyond their working hours ie even upto 10.00 PM

5. Several situations where in deposits / withdrawals could not be set right due to connectivity issues wherein the Postal staff are being forced to stay at office to clear the issues..

6. Lady staff are being permitted to go home around 19.30 hours due to security reasons.  male officials are not allowed to before completion of the days work. ( several emails have been found in this regard)

7. To the core , the staff are also being advised to handle the customers with SOFT SKILLS.. when the SOFT WARE is not working..

8. Insufficient staff strength also seen in various post offices which are struggling to close their work at the closing business hours..

9. Many officials suppose to be working in Post offices  are being taken on requirement basis to zonal offices and are being help for years together without any transfer liability..( It is learnt that many officials working in zonal offices have no experience or working knowledge  of Post offices at this scenario , but being held for administration reasons for need of expertise !!!!!!)

10. The salary payment to those officials called for work at zonal offices are being charged as if working in Post offices .  The total expenditure is being drawn on the Post Offices , where as the work is being extracted at Zonal Offices..  The Post offices are being left with shortage resulting in bad and inefficient postal services for the Citizens .

11. The Central Government is totally unaware of the facts in Postal Administration and its present governance.  There are larger wastage of manpower in the Administration Offices which undertake only paperworks.

12. Delivery officials are being pulled to deliver all the mails within the same day without consideration to the availability of Delivery Man or Postman in a Post offices..  Several Offices have minimum shortage of atleast 1 to 3 officials wherein the areas are combined to other person resulting in high efficiency loss.

13. Day to Day circulars and orders are being released for CBS and modified frequently with reference to situations ie Before fraud and After fraud.

14. Wide differences are seen between savings bank rulings and present finacle operations for which only clarifications and adjustment rules are being issued.

15. Postal Unions are totally fed with the administrations and its irresponsible attitude towards the finacle and other issues.

16. The unions have expressed dissatisfaction on the delay in promotions for officials, cadre modifications issues , posting and transfer issues , investigations and disciplinary actions on fraud cases , 

17. Unions have larger responsibilities for the work force and now their job has been added with additional responsibilities for fighting for basic requirements in Post offices like ,scanners, printers, stickers , ups , gensets etc which are to be supplied and maintained by the Administration.

18. The Head Of Offices like postmasters are being made sole responsible for the whole Post offices, operations , internal and external works, marketing, business developments, system checks, breakdowns, electrical and mechanical problems arising in machines etc..

19.  Larger VRS ( voluntary retirement scheme) found in the past 1 to 2 years , due to heavy pressure of work and insufficient supply of staff strength and unbelievable responsibilities in their Posts.  Larger women employees have gone out owing to the unrealistic work burden and stress at offices.

20. Business procurement pressures are being faced by various post offices in various district administrations relating to opening of accounts , postal insurance plans , short term retail products .
Compulsory Insurance to staff , Compulsory procurements of messages and sale of products have made the employees to the extent of pain..

21. Loss on promotion is being seen in the department wherein officials who take up promotion to higher posts may have to loose nearly 10000/- rupees permonth on his new post and station with lesser allowances . Many officials deny Promotion based on the reasons and losses arising out of accepting Promotions..

22. Recent pay commission has just given a small hike in pay where as many anomalies are likely to arise .

23. Pay differences for Promotees and Non Promottees are seen and the non Promotees found getting higher than the actual promottees.. eg. A person who has been selected as Post Office Inspector in 2006 (6th Pay Commission ) will be receiving lesser pay as against the person who has failed or not opted for the Postal Inspector Post after implementation of 7th Pay commission

24. Promotional loss are seen for officials promoted from 2800/- grade pay to 4200/- grade up to 01.07.2017.. Officials can opt for next increment for fixation if promotion falls before 01.07.2017.

25. Heavy loss for option to take fixation from 01.07.2017 and officials have to forgo all the arrears of Pay Commission until their next increment. This has caused greater disatisfaction among the employees.

26. Promotion to next level provide only one increment and does not provide any additional benefit. Even if the officials decline promotion they would get the same in their next date of increment. Hence Promotion in 7th CPC is total waste.

27. It is very difficult to predict how Postal Department is going to manage the new company Post office Payment Bank incorporatated..

lets wait and watch......

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