Monday, August 15, 2016

Hon'ble Prime Minister on Post Offices,,,,

Hon'ble Prime Minister on Post Office

"Post has steadily become irrelevant due to onlining of our Post 
Offices, Information Technology, Whatsapp, messages, e-mail. 
Our country is known as the chains of Post Offices and we have 
revamped these post offices. Post Offices are linked with poor 
and marginalised people. Postman is the only representative 
of the Government who is linked with the feelings and affections 
of the common man. We have never safeguarded the interests 
of the Post Man who has always got the affections of everyone 
and the postman always cares for common people. We have 
taken measures to convert our post office into a Payment Bank. 
By setting of these Payment Banks, a network of Banks will be 
set up across the villages in the country. Pepole will get the
 benefits of Jana-Dhana account. The funds of MANREGA for 
the common man is now being transferred into their respective
 accounts through 'AADHAR', the cases of corruption are decreasing. 
Everyone will be benefitted through the mission of converting the 
Post Office into a Payment Bank."

Click here to view  the draft text of the English rendering of PM Shri
 Narendra Modi’s address to the Nation from the ramparts of the Red 
Fort on the 70th Independence Day

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